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About Prema Premium wines

The PREMA GmbH company is engaged in the manufacture and export of wines, mainly in Europe and in Asia.

Furthermore, the company imports and distributes wines from Italy, Spain, Sicily, Portugal, France, South Africa, Austria, the Czech Republic ...

The main focus is to supply chain stores and wholesalers.

Product range can be ordered by phone or email even in lesser amounts

Prema Red Wine - 2014

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Prema White Wine - 2014

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About wines

Wine is the drink of grape vines, delicious, refreshing, pleasant and healthy. It serves (in moderate consumption) as a strengthening drink, it puts body and sensibility in mood, chases gloom away, revives imagination, encourages energy, strength and virility, supports the activity of digestive organs, the heart and blood circulation.

Doctors attribute the physiological healing effects of wine to the composition of the extract substances, the so called body, but especially to greater or smaller content of phosphoric acid, which is found in wine extract ashes.

Alcohol contained in wine does not have deleterious physiological effects on the human body such as pure alcohol. On the contrary, wine, if consumed moderately, makes the human body healthier, more muscular, stronger and rarely fatty.